Stockholm marathon | 3 Jun 2017 | 02:47:47

Stockholm marathon – main objective of this year. New PB on Marathon: 02:47:47 and Half marathon: 01:22:20. It was a FANTASTIC day. Everything went as planned, conditions were perfect. I had the splits printed around my arm and I stayed on pace when running on feel. First km I was spot on the 4min/km pace. My previous PB dated 25 years ago when I did run 3 marathons (2:47:58). After 10 years of sports inactivity it took me nearly 2 years and 3 marathons to break my PB and hence achieve my main goal. On top I finished 83th/16860 participants, 5th in my age category. I knew I had found great shape but this still exceeded my wildest expectations. The slight uphill (very little but noticeable at the end of a marathon) in the last ten km’s made it really hard. The crowd in the Olympic stadion at the finish was amazing. This marathon is organized excellently. Now I have to find a new goal… But first I will take some good rest and then race some 10km. Recovery went well so far, today my legs felt normal again. Still I will take the 2 to 3 weeks rest from workouts.

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