Frankfurt marathon | 30 Okt 2016 | 02:55:40

Frankfurt marathon run: 02:55:40. It’s been long time I had such fullfilling feeling. I worked for sub 3h and I did it!!! Conditions were perfect (15C no wind, flat parcours). I ran the race according to plan and according to my current possibilities. Slower start and then race pace as trained for. Half way 01:28:26. As of km30 I started to pass other runners. Very motivational! I kept my cool and stayed on pace though. With 2 km to go I felt I would make it and pushed it: my first negative marathon split. Above all I could enjoy the race. I felt tired but not wasted at the red carpet finish line. 
The training plan and your support kept me on track for this effort. Thank you coaches, thank you all…

Special thanks also to rc’er Oumer Teyeb who made this weekend really enjoyable. Having him running with me inspired me even more. We will definitely meet again..

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